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Lawrence J. Eisenberg

Lawrence J. Eisenberg, Esquire is principal and founder of Lawrence J. Eisenberg, P.C. / Compensation Law Group, a law firm located near Nashville, Tennessee. Larry maintains an almost one-of-a-kind specialty in pooled income funds (PIFs), in particular new PIFs.

What attracted Larry to pooled income funds is their unique and virtually unknown potential to solve a wide range of tax, personal, charitable, and social objectives. Larry also maintains a national-scope law practice specializing in ERISA (qualified and nonqualified plans) and compensation planning matters, for almost 40 years.

In this #CoffeewithConnections podcast episode, Larry & Cooper discuss what PIFs are and how they are being used from a planning standpoint. The two also dive into the financial planning industry more broadly, the ever changing regulations & tax laws, innovation & crypto and much much more.

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This past summer, Larry was guest blogger for the Financial Service Industry thought leader Michael Kitces’s website,

Larry’s blog is one of the most well rounded and extensive pieces on Pooled Income Funds we’ve come across. We highly recommend reading this if you’re a fellow fiduciary advisor looking for advanced financial planning techniques. But also for the curious affluent investor, looking to find ways to manage wealth.

Maximizing Split-Interest Charitable Deductions With New Pooled Income Funds Over CRTs

As a reminder, this is not investment advice. Centurion shares this information with you from a purely educational and informational position. We strongly encourage you to do your own research. And consult with professionals and only then make financial decisions are that are specific to your unique position in life.

If after listening to this podcast and reading this blog post and you’d like to dig deeper into the world of Pooled Incomes Funds and advanced financial planning, please email us at We’d be happy to set up a meeting to review your situation and how we may be able to add-value.

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