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There should be a more endearing term for ‘client’ as you are more than just people we work for. To us, you’re more than a balance sheet and risk tolerance data.


Our clients are people who open up and share with us their aspirations and goals, their obstacles and fears. They share so much more with us; anecdotes from their childhood, news about their growing families, stories of their travel adventures, news of their child’s acceptance into their college of choice, and celebratory news of their recent promotion or business success.


They also reveal their less exciting, or sometimes devastating news; being laid off at work, an unfortunate automobile accident, a pending divorce, details about a recent medical diagnosis, and the death of a spouse, parent, or loved one.


Our clients entrust us with the personal aspects of their lives; and together we celebrate their victories as well as mourn their losses.  Surely, there must be a more endearing term for our clients.


–  Wendy Payne

Ways we can help

Retirement Planning

To ensure your retirement plan is going to be truly successful for you, you need much more than an online retirement planning calculator. You need the guidance, support, and accountability of financial professionals who comprehensively understand you:your goals, your values, your current financial reality, and your future financial potential.


With Centurion Wealth Management, you’ll find the resourcesexpertise, and long-term help you need to feel confident that starting today, the retirement of your dreams will be your reality.

Tax Planning

The integration of your tax planning with your investment and retirement planning is critical. Combining state-of-the-art tax planning software with our experience, expertise and creativity, we have the ability to recognize tax saving opportunities you may have never known existed.

Our goal is to ensure that your investment portfolio, income stream, and asset positioning are fully optimized for tax efficiency.

Education & College Planning

The College Board (R) estimates that the average tuition and fees for 2014-2015 among Private College Institutions is $01012301234,012345600 . Assuming an increase of 5% annually the estimated expenses of enrolling in a 4-year private institution in 2033 is approximately $01230120123,012345678900. These figures also do not include other costs such as housing expenses, supplies, and transportation.

It’s safe to say that putting a child through college may be one of the largest expenses any one person or family undertakes in life. There are a myriad of options available to you when choosing how to save for college and each method has benefits and potential drawbacks. We at Centurion Wealth work closely with you to help choose the right savings plan or program to help you plan for your future in education or the future of your loved ones.

Estate Planning

Careful estate planning is a thoughtful and extremely valuable gift that you may bestow upon your heirs. Our goal is to ensure that your assets are passed on as you wish, in a tax-efficient manner, while minimizing the burden on your heirs.

It is important to discuss the complexities of estate law, accounting and administration involved in your estate. Have you worked with an attorney to create your estate plan documents? Are your estate documents current with today’s estate tax legislation? Estate planning does not end with the creation of your planning documents. Estate and asset positioning is a vital step that is too often overlooked.

Are you 100% confident that you have your assets titled properly? We help facilitate asset positioning and re-titling assets as needed so that your estate plan accomplishes everything you intended. We work together, in conjunction, with you, your estate planning attorney, and perhaps your accountant, to provide a multi-faceted approach that addresses your specific circumstances and final wishes.

Risk Management

As you develop your financial plan, risk management is often overlooked. It is important to use risk management tools such as life, disability, long-term care and personal liability insurance to protect your assets from unpredictable events which could have major negative consequences if unplanned for.