New to the Finance Game?

New to the Finance Game? The most popular outdoor game on the planet involves an object, in the shape of that planet, that is often spotted as if to represent seas and landmasses. Hundreds of millions play the game, while billions are football (soccer) fans. But for a person had never seen nor heard of…

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Banking for Business

Banking for Business When Walter White quit his job as a high school chemistry teacher and began manufacturing the best blue ice methamphetamine on the planet, he did not plan for the tidal wave of cash that would come his way. When no more duffle bags of hundred-dollar bills could be stashed anywhere he felt…

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Assets: Growing Wealth

Assets: Growing Wealth Assets: Growing Wealth All investments can be divided into two categories, those the investor owns and those that are loans. Two Ways to Invest   Own Loan Real Estate Savings Natural Resources Certificates of Deposit Common Stock U. S Treasuries Fine Art U. S Agencies Rare Collectibles Corporate and Municipal Bonds Everyone…

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