Helping women through “Life Stage Transitions”

Wendy Ann Payne

Helping women through “Life Stage Transitions”

Wendy Ann PayneWendy Ann Payne, who worked for many years for companies in the financial advisory field, has now launched her own business from her home in Lovettsville.

She’s named her new business “Life Stage Transitions” and designed it to help change the way newly-independent women transition into their new roles.

“I like to think of Life Stage Transitions as ‘A Pleasant Solution to Unpleasant Life Events’,” Payne says.

“My purpose and passion is to empower the women I work with financially and personally through insight, experience and education,” Payne says.

Payne points out that everyone passes through what she calls “Life Avenue/Calamity Lane” intersections in their lives.

“Perhaps a woman has just lost her husband or partner,” Payne says.

“Or perhaps she has a partner or spouse who has become disabled or has a terminal illness. She needs help getting through these crises.”

Payne has found through her research that about 80 percent of married women will become widowed and remain independent for an average of 14 years.

Payne works with these women to coordinate, manage and accomplish their various transition tasks, while increasing their understanding and education about their journey.

“I work to improve their quality of life through communication, education, planning and preparation,” Payne says.

Payne has worked with many people during her 14-year career in the financial planning and wealth management industry with companies large and small in Northern Virginia: “In addition to working with widowed and divorced women, I helped those who were caring for their ill or aging parents. I also offered assistance when it came to estate settlement and transfer of wealth responsibilities,” she says.

“In my new business, I help couples who suddenly find themselves in the midst of a calamity where one spouse has suffered a stroke or has received a serious diagnosis that has left the other spouse solely responsible for all the decisions and management of the family finances and planning.

In addition to working with her Life Stage Transitions clients, Payne is spreading her message about financial literacy thorough courses she will begin teaching this spring. The courses—“Life Stage Planning for Couples” and “How to be a Successful Widow/Widower”—are open to the public through the Fairfax County and Loudoun County Public Schools Adult and Community Education programs.

While building her career, Payne—who attended Old Dominion University—found time to raise a family. She and her husband, John, have six children and one grandchild.

For more information about Life Stage Transitions, e-mail Wendy Ann Payne at, call her at 703-431-7305, or visit her website:

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