Forbes recently recognized Sterling Neblett, CEPA, CFP®, founding partner of Centurion Wealth Management, as one of our country’s Top Next-Generation Wealth Advisors.

The wealth management industry is encountering forces that will forever change this industry. As such, Forbes and Shook Research sought to compile a “present-value” of a future Top Advisor ranking, creating the ranking of top next-generation advisors (categorized as being born in 1980 or more recent).  Sterling is among the best forward-thinking millennial or next-generation advisors in the industry.

The selection process involved identifying next-generation or millennial advisors who have built and led their own teams; have joined teams of specialists; or are hybrids of the two practitioner types. Once the millennial candidates were identified, further research was conducted to limit the qualifying individuals by qualitative and quantitative factors. These factors included client service models, investing process, business types, revenue produced, assets under management, compliance records, industry experience, credentials and more.

High thresholds were set to minimize the number of millennial advisors selected. Of the 23,862 advisors nominated, because of the lofty threshold requirements, 5,832 individuals were considered for the millennials ranking. After conducting online surveys, telephone and in-person interviews, and other due diligence, the 1,000 millennial advisor finalists were identified as those who are role models – advisors that are leading the way in offering best practices and providing a high-quality experience for clients. These top millennial advisors are the future of wealth management.

Based in McLean, Virginia, Centurion Wealth’s Sterling Neblett CEPA, CFP®, was recognized as one of the Forbes Top 1,000 Next-Generation Wealth Advisors.

“I share this honor with our clients,” Neblett says. “Being their financial advocate means being in tune with what’s important to them and evolving to serve their needs.”

Neblett emphasized, “Our clients are our driving force.”