23 May 2018

Partner, Mark C. McKaig was quoted in a financeandmarkets.com article, “7 Expert Predictions For the State of the Economy in 2018”


“The state of the economy is good. We’re in the second longest economic expansion in history and this need only continue for another fourteen months to beat the record set from 1991 to 2001. There is solid growth momentum and there don’t appear to be any us economic outlookmortal blows looming over the horizon. Sure interest rates are rising, and rising rates typically kill bull markets, but money is still relatively cheap. And there has been so little capital spending for so long that there is now a huge backlog that needs to be built out. Businesses realize that their capital stock is aging and that they haven’t spent enough on capital expenditures. I believe that this capital spending (and the increased productivity that comes with it), should push the expansion through this year and into next.”


Read the full article at https://financeandmarkets.com/state-of-the-economy/