Owen Beightol – Client Services Associate

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Tel: 571-765-2231 

Owen Beightol is Client Service Associate and proud member of Centurion Wealth Management’s team. Owen grew up in Richmond, VA, in a family of two small business entrepreneurs. He studied Marketing at George Washington University and graduated in 2014. Before joining Centurion Wealth, Owen worked for Campus Outreach D.C, a non-profit Christian organization, where he served as Area Director at Georgetown University and American University.


Owen is passionate about helping others with financial literacy and education and is excited to contribute to the mission of Centurion Wealth as a paraplanner.

Owen was on the varsity baseball team at GWU, and his wife Sara was on the varsity gymnastic team. They met in their sophomore years and were married shortly after college. They have two daughters, Adley and Nora, who will play together on the 2040 UConn Women’s Basketball Team.

Owen loves to read in his free time and usually gets through 50-100 books a year. His favorite authors are Brandon Sanderson and Tim Keller.

He is forced to exercise regularly due to the influence of his wife, a certified CrossFit instructor.