The Centurion Process

Vision Statement & Assumptions

Our wealth management process begins with a thorough evaluation of your current circumstances and discussion of your future financial and lifetime goals.  The key to a successful retirement is contingent upon identifying your specific objectives and aspirations, both personal and financial.  Next, we work together to create your unique Vision Statement.

Financial Statement

Understanding your entire financial picture is an important step toward developing a sound financial plan.  To accomplish this, we will create a comprehensive financial statement that lists all of your assets and liabilities, reflecting your current net worth.

Cash Flow Analysis

We analyze your current income and expenses and recommend specific courses of action to facilitate the funding of your various financial goals and objectives.

Family Benchmark™ Determination

We construct projected retirement expenses and work together with you to answer the question, “What net spendable income do I need on a monthly basis to live comfortably during my retirement years?”  This comprehensive analysis anticipates future distribution years and estimates how your cash flow situation impacts your net worth over your lifetime.
Once your net spendable income amount has been determined, we identify and analyze both current and projected future income sources and financial assets from which retirement income will be generated.  From there we determine the growth rate you need to achieve on your current investable assets to generate your desired future net spendable income.  Our Family Benchmark™ determination provides scenario analysis to calculate the return needed to achieve your wealth management and financial goals.

Tax Analysis

The integration of your tax, investment and retirement planning is absolutely CRUCIAL.  Combining state-of-the-art tax planning software with our experience, expertise and creativity, we have the ability to recognize tax saving strategies you may have never known existed.  Furthermore, we will take the time and make the effort to work in conjunction with your accountant to ensure your entire advisory team is well-informed and working together.

Investment Analysis

One of our primary objectives is to achieve your financial goals while exposing your portfolio to as little risk as possible. We do this by employing an asset allocated investment strategy that uses modern portfolio theory and the efficient frontier to ensure your portfolio is effectively and efficiently invested.  We conduct Monte Carlo simulations to determine the probability of achieving your established goals.

Insurance Analysis

We analyze your current life insurance, long-term care insurance, and disability insurance policies to ensure proper risk management and protection.  We also compare premium pricing amongst several top-rated insurance companies to verify competitive pricing.

Estate Plan Analysis

Careful estate planning is a thoughtful and extremely valuable gift that you may bestow upon your heirs.  Our goal is to ensure that your assets are passed on as you wish, in a tax-efficient manner, while minimizing the burden on your heirs.
It is important to discuss the complexities of estate law, accounting and administration involved in your estate.  Have you worked with an attorney to create your estate plan documents?  Are your estate documents current with today’s estate tax legislation?  Are you 100% confident that you have your assets titled properly?  Estate and asset positioning is a vital step that is too often overlooked.  Estate planning does not end with the creation of your planning documents.  We feel it is a very important component to discuss when creating or updating your financial plan so your estate plan accomplishes everything you intended.


Our wealth management process will clearly illustrate and explain our recommendations regarding but not limited to your:

  • Customized Financial Plan
  • Cash Flow
  • Investments
  • Tax Planning
  • Insurance
  • Estate Planning

Continuous Review & Ongoing Resources

The most important element in establishing an intimate and trusted client/advisor relationship is clear and consistent communication.  We believe strongly in maintaining the highest possible transparency and client education.  In addition to transaction confirmation, prospectus and fund updates sent directly from the custodian, you can also expect to receive weekly advisor newsletters, monthly calls and quarterly account reports which are customized according to your Family Benchmark™.