Estate Planning

Careful estate planning is a thoughtful and extremely valuable gift that you may bestow upon your heirs. Our goal is to ensure that your assets are passed on as you wish, in a tax-efficient manner, while minimizing the burden on your heirs.

It is important to discuss the complexities of estate law, accounting and administration involved in your estate. Have you worked with an attorney to create your estate plan documents? Are your estate documents current with today’s estate tax legislation? Estate planning does not end with the creation of your planning documents. Estate and asset positioning is a vital step that is too often overlooked.

Are you 100% confident that you have your assets titled properly? We help facilitate asset positioning and re-titling assets as needed so that your estate plan accomplishes everything you intended. We work together, in conjunction, with you, your estate planning attorney, and perhaps your accountant, to provide a multi-faceted approach that addresses your specific circumstances and final wishes.