Estate Planning

One of the most valuable gifts you can leave for your loved ones is a thoughtful estate plan.


Estate law is complex, and understanding the basics of estate planning – what documents do you need, what are the costs, what long-term financial tools are available to you, what you need from your attorney – can sometimes be overwhelming.


Centurion Wealth Management will clarify the estate planning process and support you through it. With our in-house expertise, we will help you to arrive at a plan that is comprehensive, but not complicated.


Working closely with you, your estate attorney, and your accountant, we’ll ensure that:


  • Your assets are titled correctly and optimally positioned now for your intentions later.
  • Your assets are passed on as you wish, in a tax-efficient manner, while minimizing the burden on your heirs.
  • Your estate documents are current with estate tax legislation.


Estate planning is an incredible opportunity to provide for your loved ones long after you’re gone. We’ll help you feel confident you did it right.