Education & College Savings Planning

As you and other families all over the country know, a college education is not getting any less expensive. The cost of college is expected to grow at an annual rate of 3%, so that by 2035, you could be looking at ~$80,000 per year for school.


Facing such tremendous costs, you need to understand the best ways to save for college and how much you need to save.


You’re especially prudent to explore your college savings planning options because education likely isn’t the only priority your family has now or in the future; a happy day-to-day life with financial flexibility, a robust retirement plan. These other financial and life goals have to balance with college savings planning.


With Centurion Wealth Management, you’ll find a coordinated wealth management and financial planning solution. With our Family BenchmarkTM college savings planning tool and other resources, we can ensure you’re saving for the future, skillfully and stress-free.