Brad Nierenberg

Brad Nierenberg

Brad Nierenberg CEO of RedPeg Marketing joins the podcast this week for a wide ranging conversation.

Cooper and Brad discuss leadership, entrepreneurship, Brad’s cutting edge performance drone company, fun stories about Joe Montana & Rob Gronkowski and MUCH MORE!

Brad is also the founder of Chance For Life, which puts on one of DC’s largest nonprofit events of the year, raising over $10 million for pediatric cancer research.

Also, did you know Centurion’s Darren Colananni CFP®, CHFC®, CIMA®, CPWA® proudly sits on the Leadership Council of Chance for Life? Such a great cause!

As a reminder, this is not investment advice. Centurion shares this information with you from a purely educational and informational position. We strongly encourage you to do your own research, consult with professionals and only then make financial decisions are that are specific to your unique position in life.

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